Welcome to Cook Law & ADR, PLLC. We are a law firm committed to service and distinction, and are focused on providing sound advice, efficient advocacy, and a range of alternatives to help you assess, pursue, and resolve your legal matters.

Cook Law & ADR, PLLC is Timothy C. Cook, an attorney with over thirty years of experience gained over periods of faithful service at two highly regarded Saint Paul-Minneapolis law firms. After these firms shuttered down, Tim looked to the frontier and decided that he could, and should, best serve his clients with core values long forged in cauldrons of adversity. Cook Law & ADR's knowledge and experience are most notably found in the areas of Minnesota construction law, Minnesota construction defects, Minnesota real estate issues, and general business and employment legal matters. Cook Law & ADR is also accomplished in a wide range of construction issues in North Dakota and across the Upper Midwest and the country.

Cook Law & ADR is also firmly focused on providing a range of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services to help combatants reach common ground and final resolution of costly and aggravating grievances through a range of prompt, fair, and efficient ADR processes that are provided in a private, comfortable, and engaging process that allows participants to best control the course and outcome of their futures.

At Cook Law & ADR, we understand the value of a hard-earned dime and the importance of helping you maximize your legal dollar. We will work closely with you so as to best protect your best interests, not simply to cultivate our own. We will endeavor to fully understand your situation in order to provide you with prompt and frank advice on your legal rights and options and help you chart a course to the future. We will pursue reasoned and aggressive advocacy on your behalf when and as necessary. We will assist you with a wide range of potential alternatives that might allow you to get your matter resolved without spending potentially years and countless thousands of dollars to protect your legal and financial interests.

When your legal rights, financial concerns, and practical considerations are in play and on the line, look first and foremost for an attorney who is skilled and competent to both advise and to advocate, and who will provide you with a range of options. Hiring an attorney is a big deal. Don't go through the process lightly. Give Cook Law & ADR a call. Tim has earned several peer distinctions that recognize adherence to the highest professional standards of competence, conduct, ethics, diligence, and reliability. The many referrals that Tim receives from attorneys who trust him implicitly with their clients in conflict situations, and from his own clients well signal his commitment and integrity.

At Cook Law & ADR, PLLC, we know our limits. If we prove to not be a good fit for you, we will help you find quality and competent legal counsel who can help. Because few bridges have been burned over the years, we enjoy a wide network of qualified attorneys to whom we can and will refer you, at no cost. With years of knowledge and experience, and with our focus firmly set on you, we can help. Whether you are in the Twin Cities, in outstate Minnesota, in North Dakota or elsewhere in the Upper Midwest, or if you do business across the United States, give us a call. Sorry folks, if you have come here hoping to do business in Thailand or wishing to litigate in The Hague, we are not the law firm for you.

Chart a course that will allow you the best opportunity to realize your goals and avoid needless scrutiny and costly litigation. Practical legal advice early in your project or plan often proves to be invaluable. Protect yourself with contracts, clarity, and a course best obtained through sound counsel.


Sometimes things just do not work out as you expected. Your best laid plans go off track. Your dreams become nightmares. People turn rigid, unfair, hostile, and simply unreasonable. Firm and focused advocacy from a skilled trial lawyer is sometimes simply a must to best protect what is yours.


When the scepter of disputes and the weight of litigation are at or near your door, look to move the fight to the private confines of a variety alternate dispute resolution mechanisms. With ADR you - not a judge or jury of potentially hostile strangers - control your outcome and decide your fate.