Cook Law & ADR is committed to assisting clients on a reasoned range of legal issues, litigation needs, and resolving matters reasonably, quickly, and efficiently. With over thirty years of legal experience, and having secured long and well-established working relationships with trade associations, expert consultants, attorneys, and law firms located in Minnesota, North Dakota, the Upper Midwest, and across the country, Cook Law & ADR will counsel you in evaluating your particular situation, concerns, and needs. If we are unable to provide you with the legal or ADR assistance that you need, Cook Law will help you secure competent legal counsel and other qualified ADR specialists to assist you.

Retaining a lawyer is a big decision and a big deal. At Cook Law & ADR, we are committed to avoid appearing like dogs on a bone when potential clients in search of an attorney come through our doors or give us a call. We understand that our time is your money and that your money does not always need to be spent on things collateral or ultimately unimportant to advancing your legal matter to final resolution. We will carefully discuss and explain options with you before embarking on a course of action. We will be sensitive to the practical and economic value of your matter before engaging in war or motion practice battle. Sometimes, significant legal expense is simply unavoidable. When so, we’ll tell you so. Other times, there are forks in the road where the better traveled route lies more favorably in your interests, not ours. We’ll take you down those roads whenever and wherever possible, after first discussing your reasonable range of options with you.

Finding the right mediator or arbitrator for you is also important.There are many fine ADR specialists on the horizon. At Cook Law & ADR, we are committed to efficiently learning about the necessary details of your dispute, including most importantly the key facts and applicable laws. We will listen earnestly, and with compassion and understanding. We will let you pound the table and will hand you the crying towel. Then we will do our best to bring you, and your adversaries, down to earth so that you can reach the common ground where resolution is found. We will do so as quickly and efficiently as the process will allow. We’ll spare you our war stories and wasting your time on on collateral matters, unless they are reasonably necessary to help you find a grip. We will declare an impasse when it becomes obvious that your matter cannot resolve, or if it is just plain “too early” to resolve. We commit to following up with you and your legal counsel after an apparent impasse has been reached in a last ditch effort to reach a deal after the taillights hit the hill. We are frank, earnest, and sometimes downright stubborn because we know that, in the large majority of disputes, a deal at mediation lies in your best interests. In arbitration, we’ll be courteous, fair, and forthright. We’ll give you value for your dollar, as prompt of a decision as the process may allow, and we’ll explain for you how and why we made the decision that we did. We will also travel, largely on our dime, to your office, city, or town to conduct your mediation or to provide you ADR services.

Hey, talk to several lawyers and ADR candidates if you wish. Be sure you are comfortable with whomever you decide to retain. If you do engage an attorney, whether it be Cook Law & ADR or anyone else, remember that you are the client and that Cook Law & ADR or other lawyers and law firms are committed to serve you and your interests. Read and understand your fee agreement letters before you sign them. These letters are contracts just like any other contract. Ask questions. Negotiate terms. Consult others if and as need be. Be clear on lines of communication, who is doing what, the costs to be incurred, and that you wish to be consulted before significant waves of legal action are pursued in your name and out of your purse. Cook Law is always happy to assist you in negotiating the contract that you are about to sign with anyone, in most any walk of life, for most anything. Sound contracts can protect you from the sea of uncertainty that is often found in litigation.

Contact Cook Law today to learn how we can apply our years of experience and legal skills to best position you for a reasonable and prompt resolution of your travel through the sometimes confusing and mostly aggravating legal minefields that may lie ahead.