Hey, lawyers are trained to read a book, grab a phone, talk to a colleague, and just plain figure it out, right? Contrary to what some might want us to believe, many, if not most, areas of the law are not shrouded in mystique. The practice of law is not as hard as is studying the stars. Over thirty years, Tim Cook has successfully worked on a wide variety of matters. While his wheelhouse lies in the areas found on other pages of this website, he has often helped family, friends, and clients on a reasoned and wide range of other matters. He regularly represents valued clients on certain matters of specialty interest. These areas include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:


→   motor vehicle dealers license bonds;
→   probate bonds;
→   septic installer bonds;
→   specialty contractor and license bonds;
→   appeals;
→   municipal law;
→   special needs trusts;
→   misappropriation of trade secrets;
→   drainage law;
→   labor and employment;
→   simple wills and trusts;
→   adoption;
→   copyright and trademarks;
→   shareholder agreements;
→   business transactions;
→   formation of business entities;
→   buying and selling businesses;
→   minority shareholder rights and actions;
→   juvenile delinquency matters;
→   misdemeanor defense;
→   DWI;
→   IDEA;
→   false accusations and defamation;
→   marriage dissolution;
→   murder of the heart;
→   bicycle law;
→   injury claims;
→   unemployment appeals;
→   administrative law hearings;
→   federal workers’ compensation claims;
→   veterans rights.


At Cook Law and ADR, we do not horse around with matters involving tax, patent formulation or prosecution, ERISA, medical malpractice, legal malpractice, litigating in The Hague, or doing business in Thailand. We know our comfort zones and are sometimes willing to stretch them just for the intellectual exercise or for you. However, if your matter is not what we do, we will do our best to find someone for you.