About Cook Law

Cook Law & ADR, PLLC is a Minnesota-based law firm established in 2015 by Timothy C. Cook. Mr. Cook is an attorney with over thirty years of experience across several fields of legal discipline. His most notable fields include construction, surety, real estate, business, employment, and insurance.

Tim Cook’s commitments to people, quality, and integrity run deep. This is perhaps best evidenced by the fact that, until forming Cook Law & ADR, his entire legal career was spent with only two firms. The first nearly twenty years of Tim’s career was spent at Moore, Costello, & Hart, a Saint Paul-based firm that housed some of the best attorneys in all of the Midwest. Shortly after the turn of the century Tim joined the law firm of Hammargren & Meyer, PLLC, a Minneapolis boutique firm that was suited to Tim’s philosophy and that had a small but solid fleet of skilled attorneys. With both firms deceased, Tim decided to follow his lifelong dream and started Cook Law & ADR, PLLC.


Over the years, Cook Law & ADR’s clients have included virtually all players in the construction industry. Tim assists clients on all aspects of the construction process on projects of all sizes, public or private. Tim also represents businesses and individuals on a range of other matters. Most notably, Tim Cook is well trained in providing alternate dispute resolution (ADR) services to help resolve legal disputes.  Mr. Cooks ADR services aim to provide prompt, fair, and affordable resolutions.

Why choose Cook Law?

Tim is in increasingly high demand as a skilled and successful mediator in a wide range of construction, real estate,  business, employment, and personal disputes.  As both a mediator and as an arbitrator, Tim has a solid reputation for fairly and efficiently reviewing the evidence and being willing and able to make a fair assessment. As an arbitrator, Tim makes the tough decisions with a reasoned eye focused on the evidence, not on the parties. Tim has mediated over 1,100 matters, a solid percentage of them successfully. He has arbitrated a wide number of matters as well on a range of issues. His demeanor, knowledge, experience, and tender hand make him well suited to assisting combatants in seeking and finding resolution.

Cook Law & ADR can and will advise you and help you chart a plan to avoid future problems often found in both contract and the law. Cook Law will bring its thirty years of experience in courts and forums to advocate on your behalf. At all times, Cook Law will keep your interests front and center. We will work with you and those with whom you are at odds to resolve your dispute. If your situation calls for the guidance of outside lawyers or firms, we can help you find the best fit.