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Hammargren & Meyer, P.A. (1996-2015)

Hammargren & Meyer, P.A. (1996-2015).    The place where I practiced with fervor, grace,  and devotion for many years.   And then one day the doors  simply closed.   Forever.  Now only ghosts pass through these once bustling and even hallowed halls.  I know.  I was the last one to turn out the lights.  I saw myself … Continue reading “Hammargren & Meyer, P.A. (1996-2015)”

A brave new world … .

Hi folks.  Welcome to Cook Law & ADR, PLLC.    We are still in the process of unpacking boxes, learning the phones, ironing out the technology bugs, setting up the website, and hanging near anything but certificates, licenses, and dipolmas on our walls.   It has been a rat race and a whirlwind for the last five … Continue reading “A brave new world … .”

I would rather pay my lawyer …

How many times have I sat in mediation and heard these words that come from frustration, anger, and sometimes outright blindness to the oncoming broadside hit barreling  straight down the old turnpike?    “Sir,thank you for your effort but  I will much rather pay my lawyer a dollar before I will even consider paying my unworthy … Continue reading “I would rather pay my lawyer …”

Another dispute bites the dust.

Out there on the horizon was  yet another job gone bad.   Payments were owed, or at least some said.  Liens were threatened, and then recorded.   Others were indignant, claiming that if anything was  owed it was owed to them.   Delays.  Defects.  Slow pay.  No pay.   Lousy contract documents and even worse communication.    It was … Continue reading “Another dispute bites the dust.”

Trust me … . Write it down.

Trust me.   Those famous last words that end up breeding so many disputes in our lives.  “What the heck, don’t you trust me?”  Whether in friendship, marriage, business, or politics, much of our lives is  built upon the foundations of trust.  Merriam Webster’s defines “trust” as  the “assured  reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth … Continue reading “Trust me … . Write it down.”