For over thirty years, Tim Cook has learned at the feet of some of the best construction industry and law professionals and other specialists in their fields. He has been privileged to have represented the full range of players in the industry. This experience positions Cook Law & ADR to provide sound advice, solid advocacy, and a full range of legal, practical, and business alternatives to clients with both residential and commercial construction contract, claim, and consulting needs. Our practical knowledge and wealth of experience in handling virtually all aspects of and considerations found in the often complex and challenging construction arena allows us to best advise and advocate on your needs in a timely and cost-effective way.


Cook Law has extensive experience representing all the players in the construction industry including owners, (both private and public), contractors, subcontractors, specialty trades, sureties, designers, and materials suppliers. Your construction law needs may be varied and widespread. A single focus on litigation and creating an adversarial condition on your project is not always in your best interests. We can and will provide valuable guidance, assistance, advice, and advocacy. Perhaps most importantly, we will also assist in proposing and providing, when and where appropriate, a range of alternatives that may help you resolve your construction challenges and project disputes in a prompt, efficient, and cost-effective manner that will get your project completed without substantial risk to schedule, crippling costs in the claim and litigation process, or damaging, if not destroying, important personal and business relationships. At Cook Law & ADR, our focus is always on your particular situation, needs, and goals.


Cook Law been and continues to be involved in a wide range of legal, contractual, and business considerations in the construction industry. These include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:


→   Alternative Dispute Resolution, including serving as a mediator and an arbitrator;
→   drafting and negotiating construction contracts;
→   collections, mechanics’ liens, and payment and performance bond claims;
→   payment issues and rights;
→   commercial and residential construction claims and defenses;
→   Building and design defects;
→   investigation and assertion of claims relating to defective and unsafe construction and conditions on your project;
→   design considerations, contracts, and protections;
→   insurance disputes;
→   finding and securing bonding and insurance protections;
→   warranty claims, process, and protections;
→   fidelity, guaranty & surety bonds;
→   public bidding & procurement law;
→   OSHA investigation and compliance;
→  tax exempt purchasing requirements for qualifying non-profits and public owners;
→   Department of Labor & Industry compliance;
→   contractor licensing;
→   government contracts;
→   project specific site mediation of claims as they arise in the field;
→   claims for unexpected conditions and extra work;
→   delay claims and scheduling issues;
→   job progress and scheduling;
→   final contract close-out, punchlist, and final payment protections;
→   labor and employment matters;
→   other regulatory compliance.


If your matter is not within our wheelhouse, we’ll work with you to find a lawyer or a law firm that might help.


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