Hammargren & Meyer, P.A. (1996-2015)

Hammargren & Meyer, P.A. (1996-2015).    The place where I practiced with fervor, grace,  and devotion for many years.   And then one day the doors  simply closed.   Forever.  Now only ghosts pass through these once bustling and even hallowed halls.  I know.  I was the last one to turn out the lights.  I saw myself hovering there as I turned to leave for the last time.  In mid air.  That’s me.




Best wishes to all of the fine folks who once graced this place.   Deb.  Gretchen. Mel.  Liz.  Ben.  Jason.  Gary.  Jamie.  Jeanne.  Patrick.  Dave. Jim.  Paul.  Jennifer.  Rob.  Paul.   Brenda.   Sarah.  Adina.  Chris –  rest his soul.  Tony.  Tommy.  Bridget.  Matt.  Lisa. Andy.  Chanel.  Cassie.  Kristen. Tanya.  Even Lurch and Cousin It. And  Dan, Carly, Eric, Scott and yes,  Jon too.  I know that I am missing more than a few names and for this the ones I’ve missed  are likely grateful.


Fine lawyers. Solid paralegals.  Top shelf staff.  Great people all.  Some say that change is good and that nothing lasts forever.  The love of my life, Miss Linda, once softly spoke these words to me. Words that will forever ring true in so many walks of our lives.  “How so lucky we  are to have had something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”   Good luck folks.  Keep in touch.   RIP H&M.

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