A brave new world … .

Hi folks.  Welcome to Cook Law & ADR, PLLC.    We are still in the process of unpacking boxes, learning the phones, ironing out the technology bugs, setting up the website, and hanging near anything but certificates, licenses, and dipolmas on our walls.   It has been a rat race and a whirlwind for the last five hundred and sixty days or so.  It’s a long story that might someday be told.  Of course, it’s no longer important to the tasks at hand.  At Cook Law & ADR, the future is bright,  the coffee is fresh, the lawyering is solid,  and our  goodwill runs deep.  We’ll focus on your legal matters and keep you well  apprised.     If we can’t help you, we’ll help you find someone who maybe can.  No promises, other than a commitment to do our best with your  facts.    No bullshit, at least not extraordinarily so.   The law is tough.  Find someone whom you can trust.


This is our very first blog post. It  is made, first, to thank those who are with us and to welcome those who will soon be with us.  Frankly, it  is also made, mostly,  to see if this blogging link works.  Building a website is tough without the weight of a big marketing department behind building a  brand.


Hey, it’s a Friday night!  Leave your legal woes on the floor or at the door for the weekend.  Life is short.  Go dancing.  Or out  to a high school football game. LIsten to the band.   Get some exercise.  And oh yes,  hold your loved ones close. Real close.  We never know what tomorrow might bring.  We know this always and especially tonight, what with  the tragic news  out of  Greenwood.

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